Friday, September 12, 2008

I still here

I know its been a long time but things are just now getting back to normal. (as much as they can) Were am I??? My email has changed to I am progressing slow, but well. I am back to work part time so I am not just hanging around watching TV all day. I did watch all of the episodes of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Chris would get mad because of the marathon days I would just sit and wait to see what was going to happen. The babies are 4 now and I don't think they are doing more than one show a week. I did see a whole season of Flipping Out. And Tori and Dean had another baby. I really liked House Hunters and Design On A Dime and I never knew in Hollywood you could be a Millionare Real Estate Tycoon before the age of 19. I need to go to the cable company and turn off the extra chanels before we go crazy and start Flipping Out. I have started PT and it is hard. I think everything will go back in place once PT is under way. I have good muscle control but the nerve damage tells during some of the exersizes. I am walking 3 times a week and doing PT 2. Chris and Kristen are walking with me so this keeps me motivated. Kristen has decided to take a semister off. She came home with Black hair and a Tiger Tatoo on her arm. Mom and Dad (me and Chris) both freaked out. I never had problem with Tatoos before and I don't know why this was such a shock for me but it is. I am getting over it some what. I am hoping she will go back to school in the spring but she is going to have to do the work involved. She is looking for job now. Time will tell. Joey has Kidney stones and went to have a procedure done last month. He will have to go back soon to have one of the stones removed. Craig is in Greenville with him, I don't think he is much help but he is staying with Joey now. I guess I better go I will try and blog more soon. Later......

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well it has been a while since I have been on. this is what has been going on. I went to the hospital for surgery on June 25. This was a "simple" procedure where the Dr was going to remove a mysterious mass. Well the Dr was confused when she got in there and the mass turned out to be a bone mass on my Sacrum. This was removed and then I was sent to my room. All looked to be going well until my blood pressure dropped. alot. The next thing I was sent to ICU to stabilize??? the blood pressure. After a while ( I do not remember most of this) I was taken back to surgery. At some point during the day a vein burst and I was bleeding out. This could have been trauma to my bladder but the Dr. was confused because this bleed was not near the Mass site, so after the second surgery I was sent back to ICU. I stayed in the hospital for a long 5 days and after I got home I had lots and lots of friends stop by to see me, THANKS. Our God is so Awesome to send so many people to take care of me and Chris. Anyway, things are going well. I go to an orthopedic Dr next week and follow up with some PT. The last month has been kinda long and I can't sit in a hard chair too well. I stay in the recliner most of the day and don't get on the computer for very long. Last night I fell in the hall. I was walking and both legs just stopped working. I am ok but I feel a little stupid. anyway Things are good with the kids. Kristen is working hard in Arkansas and going to class. Craig is out of jail and moved to Alabama with my sister. I am not sure what he is doing in Alabama but he is not here. well I guess I better go now and do some work while I can sit. thank you all for your support and prayers. more later......

Friday, May 23, 2008

not much news

Well it is Friday and we have 6 days until the Atlanta trip. Chris is hard at work getting the last minute knives done. I have spoken to Shelly about what we are doing this year (besides IKEA). Tylee wants to really do IKEA so that is a hot stop on the agenda. We are thinking of the Coke-Cola factory in the city. I think this will be fun. What ever we do will be fun. Blade Show is always fun also. Anyway not much more news, Craig is in lock up still so no visits. His Bible was stolen and I have asked the chaplin to get him another one. The warden did not think I should send one because it would also probably be stolen. (No crime in Our Prison system.) His out date may be effected by the Lock up time but I can not worry about that. Kristen is struggling with growing up. All of the fun things like Rent and utilities. She does not have Cable TV (poor thing) but she will be ok. This was not in the budget. (Mom and Dad won't help with this) Growing up is so hard these days. I don't know how we did it in the old days. (ha ha) any way I'll try and write more this weekend. This all keeps my mind on the bigger picture and not on the upcoming surgery. Thank you all for your prayers. I don't know how people can survive all of life without God and Christian friends.

Friday, May 16, 2008

bad news

I wanted to tell everyone this news its not great so I was trying to tell everyone in person but I don't see everyone now. Last Thursday I went for my anual GYN appt and everything was going well when the Dr said "hey I think an overy sliped" well I just laughed because I had a Hysterectomy 10/99 and she was the Dr. She got real quiet and felt around a little more and said " hey lets get a closer look" anyway she is calling it a Pelvic Mass. I went Monday and had a CT scan and Tuesday to discuss Surgery. She will send it to biopsy when it is out and everything will be back to normal. I go June 25th for a 2-3 days in the Hospital and then 4-6 weeks at home, good news I get more computer time and get to catch up on all of my fav TV shows. Bad news I have to stay in bed for a few days. I have faith in God that he knows what I need and will provide this. The Dr is good and I trust her and her staff. I am going to Summerville Hospital close to home and Chris will be able to take off work to help me. I have great friends and neighbors for support so I am not worried at all. Side effects are bad emissions (sorry Kelly) and a little dicomfort now an then because the mass is on my bladder and in the intestine area. Well some good news Kristen has moved to her own apt in Searcy, she is going to work this summer and stay there. I think she is going to take summer classes. She is excited about her new home and when I call her now she calls it Home. this is great because she is growing up. Craig will get out the 1st of July but we won't be able to see him before because he is in Lock Down for fighting, this may effect his out date but we will see. Chirs is not going to Nicaragua this summer after all so he will be home to take care of me. Blade Show is in 2 weeks so he is working hard to finish up what needs to be taken to Atlanta. I guss thats most of my news I will work harder on more posts to keep you all up on the MASS.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well I haven't posted in a while and I though of Mary. She gets cranky if we don't keep up. Things are going good here. Everyone has the sewing bug. Ashley is making diaper covers and Kelley is making bags. Cryssy is sewing also but I don't know what yet. The diaper covers are so cute and fun to make. I have made a few grocery cart covers and these are fun also, but those that know me and my ADD I get board quick. I have a lot of fabric that will become bibs because they are real easy and not a lot of brain power. I have also made a few bags. These are also easy and doesn't take a lot of thinking. Kelley's bags are very detailed and will make money for the upcoming mission trip. Good job Kelley. We went to see Craig two weeks ago and will go again tomorrow. He is now in Allendale so he should get out 8-1. we will see. He asked if he could come home but we have to be strong and tell him NO. He asked where he would go and we said Alaska, (there is a lot of places between here and there so he should be able to find someplace to grow up). I really hope he does not go to Alaska but he can not come to our house. Kristen will be finishing up the third year of school at Harding in May. I still don't know what her major is. I guess she will let us know when she Graduates. She is staying for the summer in Ak. Well I guess I better go more later....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

another quick one

Well I thouthe I would post another quick one. I have been reading everyones blogs and Becky WOW I don't think I can be that deep. I don't really have a lot to talk about. I am excited about Hannah and her remembering the lesson from class. This makes me glad I teach, I learn so much from them. When I was with the 3rd and 4th grade a few years back the kids would really keep me on task. This age is a little more creative because It (the subject) seems new to them. Ann is a Great teacher and I am so glad to have her in class this quarter. She keeps me going every week. I am having a good week. I am working hard because it is the end of the month and this brings on extra work. The rain is good because it washes away most of the pollen in the air. Softball is starting this week (but rained out Tuesday) and I always get pumped. I don't play but it is fun to get out with the girls and watch. We will be out next week for sure. Well more later...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

quick post

Well it is Wed and I am getting done with work so I thought I would do a little catch up. Kristen is back at school with her truck. She is going to stay in Ark for the summer so she can work and save money for school. Chris got back Sat from Hope Arkansas where he went to a damascus class at blade school. He did not get to see Kristen because he was busy with class stuff and she was busy with her stuff and she was 2 hrs away. We got a letter from Craig and it was not as positive as the last letter but we have not been able to see him or talk to him since Dec. I did send him some cards and some magazines so he will be a little happier. He has been moved to Allendale which is about an hour from here so we should be able to go see him soon. Well not much else going on at the moment, I guess I will write more later. Happy Easter all.